Missouri hunter
Dawn Wagner/Facebook

Missouri Hunter Becomes First Modern Female to Harvest a Deer with an Atlatl

And now for something completely different. 

Our ancestors hunted with spears. They were pretty good at it too because, well, we wouldn't be here if they weren't.

However, things changed and we developed better performing hunting tools, and the rest is history.

Well, at least not for one Missouri hunter who still uses an ancient method to hunt deer to this day. Recently, she just became the first modern woman in Missouri history to tag a deer using this method of hunting.

Dawn Wagner is not your typical hunter. Actually, she is an atlatl freak. She competes in atlatl competitions all over and recently made it a goal to take a deer using this spear throwing method.

"I was aiming right where you're supposed to hit a deer, but he jumped and it went in three to four inches above where it would have been a double lung shot", she said in an interview. "He ran off and snapped the dart where it hit a tree."

For Wagner though, it took her two more days to find her spike buck. A neighbor on horseback found it and notified the hunter where to find her deer. The meat was too far gone to consume, but she is getting the head mounted as a trophy.

Missouri legalized the use of atlatls back in 2010. Since then, very few deer have been taken this way, but for Wagner, she's the first female to do it, and hopefully not the last.