Missouri Buck
YouTube: Heartland Bowhunter

Bowhunter Makes Perfect Shot on Giant Missouri Buck That Hung Out in a Backyard

This big buck was hanging out right behind a hunter's home.

Far too often in hunting, people are led to believe they need huge tracts of land with hundreds and thousands of acres of woods and food plots to grow and harvest big deer. It can be a bit discouraging for the average folks out there who don't have access to large areas of private land. Some may be led to believe that a big buck off their own land, no matter how small it may be, is impossible.

This video should help to dispel a few of those myths. Ty Easley's trail cameras capture photos and video of an exceptional Missouri whitetail right in his own backyard.

It turns out the big buck is a regular and he sets off to hunt it with his friend Wes Cooper. This short video chronicles the quest for this buck from start to finish. The way everything comes together at the end is pretty amazing and shows why you shouldn't discount a smaller area for hunting.

It just goes to show that a small area and a change of plans on the fly can help to shift the odds in your favor while hunting. After making the mistake of hunting a different farm in the morning, Ty's wife spotted this Missouri beast walking past their stand. The two hunters returned that evening and made it work when the buck returned to follow a doe. Wes made an excellent shot on this buck.

To think that this deer was taken directly behind a hunter's home. Ty is one heck of a good friend to let his friend Wes shoot that buck right behind his home. Looks like Wes is going to owe Ty one for life. This buck had it all. Tine length, mass, and character.

The lesson here is that just because an area is small, that does not mean you can't hunt it. It also means you could potentially take the buck of a lifetime on it with a little hard work and determination. Give it a shot this year. You may be surprised by the results.

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