bucks rut in yard
Facebook: Kaitlyn Haugrud

Trophy Bucks Throw Down in Suburban Backyard

Every once in a while, you get a front-row seat to watch the rut.

As the rut continues to heat up across the country, deer hunters are savoring these prime days of the season. However, we don't only see the heightened deer activity out in the woods, but also right in our own backyards.

During the peak of the rut, testosterone-driven bucks are so preoccupied that they seemingly dismiss threats they would normally be weary of. This is as beneficial for spectators as it is for hunters, as those big bucks aren't as alert as they are before or after the rut, offering a skilled a hunter a significant advantage.

Here we see just exciting the rut can be, as two trophy-class bucks duke it out right behind someone's house.

Look at the size of those two! These bucks are ruthless, but you have to appreciate the raw power these animals possess.

We see an unfortunate number of bucks that die during the rut, as they're either gored by an antler or locked up with another buck long enough to exhaust themselves to death. So, it's refreshing to see a hard-fought battle between two alphas that doesn't have a fatal ending.

While it's possible this battle continued, it appears as though the bigger buck starts running off his foe toward the end of the clip.

It does seem like those deer did a number on the lawn, though, so chances are those homeowners didn't enjoy watching the two bucks as much as we did.

Have you ever seen two bucks going head to head during the rut? Have you ever seen it happen this close to home? Let us know!