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Deer Nicknames: 65 Monikers for That Big Buck On Your Hit List

Here's a great list of 65 nicknames for hit list bucks this fall.

Hunting season has snuck up and many hunters have trail cameras set out across the country in hopes of capturing that magical picture of a massive whitetail deer. One that will ignite a long game of cat and mouse.

A chase this epic needs some names to keep your story straight with your deer hunting buddies. That's why we've come up with 65 perfect buck names. It's a great way to remember the bucks you saw last year, and you hopefully get to see again when hunting season rolls around.

Use these names to differentiate all the different big bucks running around this hunting season. Maybe one has some nice kickers, or you caught one on your trail cam with some unique antler characteristics.

Forget baby name books, take a look at this comprehensive list of deer nicknames and get out a notepad for your favorites to keep around deer camp.

1. Hollywood

2. Tex

3. Hershey

4. Whitey

5. High Tower

6. Bullwinkle

7. Big Nasty

8. Lotto

9. Powerball

10. Mr. Crabs

11. Moose

12. Great 8

13. Monarch

14. Smoke Stacks

15. Sticks

16. Stubby

17. Patches

18. Ghost

19. Nightwalker

20. Dozer

21. Mr. Miyagi

22. Old Timer

23. Swamp Donkey

24. Corkscrew

25. Maxbo

26. Rambo

27. Smokeshow

28. Y2K

29. BC

30. Booner

31. Brutus

32. Captain

33. Buckzilla

34. Zeus

35. Tank

36. Shrek

37. Pretty Boy

38. Outlaw

39. Pig

40. MacDaddy

41. King Kong

42. John Deere

43. Goliath

44. Empire

45. Bull Buck

46. Dreamer

47. Splitter

48. Bruiser

49. Mr. October

50. Frank the Tank

51. 4 x 6

52. Uncle Buck

53. Stickers

54. The  Pope

55. Big Pine

56. Velvet

57. Casper

58. Buster

59. Rogue

60. Secret Agent

61. El Diablo

62. Chupacabra

63. Bull Dozer

64. Ninja

65. Funky Buck

These 65 deer names should fit a buck you have your sights on, if not, it's a heck of a start.

Don't have a hit list buck yet? Don't panic, there's plenty of time. But be sure to set out those trail cameras sooner than later.

What have you named your hit list bucks before?



Deer Nicknames: 65 Monikers for That Big Buck On Your Hit List