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Slash, Rogue, Tall Tines: 100 Deer Nicknames for Your Target Buck

If he's worthy of taking, he's worthy of naming.

For many deer hunters, it's a tradition to set up trail cameras to monitor buck activity throughout the day. Often, a buck will show up repeatedly in the photos and earn himself a target on his broadside—and a nifty nickname.

Why Do Hunters Give Bucks Nicknames?

While the idea of giving a wild deer a nickname might feel silly, there's some practicality to it. For one, it helps keep tabs on a particular buck that's the target for hunting season. It allows hunters to be able to easily reference a specific buck without having to describe it every single time. In other words, giving a buck a name is so much simpler than saying something along the lines of, "That 10-point buck that keeps showing up on the hill with the uneven brow tines and that downturned tip on the right side..."

How Deer Nicknames Come to Be

Because bucks' antlers can grow in interesting and unique ways, a buck's headgear alone can earns him a nickname. For example, an eight-pointer with four points on each side could be named "4x4," or a buck with uncharacteristically dark-hued antlers could be named "Dark Horn."

Or maybe the buck spotted on trail cameras has some nice kickers, a one-of-a-kind crab claw, or an insanely wide frame—all of these physical attributes provide great fodder for deer nicknames.

Other ideas might have to do with the location of a trail camera where a buck repeatedly appears; one that hangs out in a swampy area might become "Swamp Buck."

Still others might be nods to movie characters or pop-culture references that hunters themselves enjoy.

No matter how the name comes to be, christening a buck is a fun way to kick off a long game of cat and mouse that hunters remember long after the season comes to an end.

100 Awesome Deer Nicknames for Shooter Bucks

A deer nickname should be epic. No matter the characteristics that set the buck apart from the rest, his nickname should be something that will endure for all the years of jokes and storytelling to come.

Not sure how to narrow it down? Consult our starter list of buck nicknames to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. The Machine
  2. Tex
  3. Dark Horn
  4. Buster
  5. High Tower
  6. Bullwinkle
  7. Big Nasty
  8. Lotto
  9. Powerball
  10. Mr. Crabs
  11. Moose
  12. Great 8
  13. Monarch
  14. Smoke Stacks
  15. Sticks
  16. Stubby
  17. Patches
  18. Ghost
  19. The Spy
  20. Dozer
  21. Mr. Miyagi
  22. Old Timer
  23. Swamp Donkey
  24. Corkscrew
  25. Max
  26. Rambo
  27. Smokeshow
  28. Y2K
  29. BC
  30. Booner
  31. Brutus
  32. Captain
  33. Buckzilla
  34. Zeus
  35. Tank
  36. Shrek
  37. Pretty Boy
  38. Outlaw
  39. Pig
  40. MacDaddy
  41. King Kong
  42. John Deere
  43. Goliath
  44. Empire
  45. Bull Buck
  46. Dreamer
  47. Splitter
  48. Bruiser
  49. Mr. October
  50. The Tank
  51. 4 x 4
  52. Uncle Buck
  53. Stickers
  54. The Pope
  55. Big Pine
  56. Velvet
  57. Casper
  58. Buster
  59. Rogue
  60. Secret Agent
  61. El Diablo
  62. Chupacabra
  63. Bull Dozer
  64. Ninja
  65. Funky Buck
  66. Tall Tines
  67. TNT
  68. Slash
  69. Genetic Perfection
  70. Hollywood
  71. Nightwalker
  72. Bucky
  73. Bubba
  74. November
  75. 007
  76. Tall, Dark and Handsome
  77. King
  78. Storm
  79. Dinner
  80. Big Guy
  81. Thrasher
  82. Daemon
  83. Longhorn
  84. Lone Star
  85. Ceasar
  86. Stealth
  87. Trash
  88. Swisher
  89. Clark
  90. Baelon
  91. Megatron
  92. Hulk
  93. Maven
  94. Target
  95. Shooter
  96. Diesel
  97. Dump Truck
  98. Snarls
  99. Basket
  100. Beefcake

These 100 deer names cover a lot of the bases, but it's just a start. There are so many different ways to go with giving bucks a nickname. Have fun with it!

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