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Mississippi Has a New Tiger Shark Record

There wasn't one tiger shark record, but two, caught on the second day of the tournament. 

The 71st annual Deep Sea Rodeo of Mississippi has produced a tournament that was one for the record books, literally. Two Gulf tiger sharks were caught and weighed, each easily smashing the old record with little question. Incredibly, producing a state record during this tournament resulted in a cool $25,000 to the lucky angler.

When most think of a state record, or even world-record tiger sharks, most think of Australia or Florida. If not there, real deep waters out in the Atlantic or Pacific come to mind. However, the Gulf of Mexico has some of the bigger sharks on the planet when it it comes to this particular shark species. For example, the biggest shark of the tournament, a 675-pounder, is now pending for the new top spot in the state. Michael Garrett was the lucky tournament angler who battled the beast to take the now-pending top spot.

This is where things really got interesting, though. David Rogers, another tournament fisherman, and also the current tiger shark record-holder in the state, also brought in a fish that beat his previous state record. Shortly after Garrett left the scales, Rogers hoisted up his 479-pound tiger shark. Before this fish, and the Garret fish, Rogers' state record had stood at 390 pounds since 2016.

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Not one to be outdone, it was reported that Rogers took off to fish again that night. The tournament lasts until July 4. At that time, if Garret can hold onto the state record, he'll be $25,000 richer, and find his name firmly penned into the record books.