Millennials Most Afraid to Drive with Their Pets According to Volvo

A new survey revealed that a surprising percentage of millennials are afraid to drive with their pets in their cars.

A national survey of pet owners revealed that more than a third of millennial pet owners have anxiety about driving with their pets in the car. The online survey, conducted by Volvo Car USA with Harris Interactive and Harris Poll, polled a sample of 2,000 adults in the United States. Of those polled, 1,342 were pet owners, and 97% of the pet owners drive with their pets.

According to the survey results, 69% of those polled viewed their dogs pets as being family members, with 1 in 5 respondents viewing their pets as children.

But pets don't go everywhere with their owners, and fear is at the root of that decision. A surprising 24% of the survey respondents admitted to leaving their dogs at home because they worried that their cars weren't safe enough for their dogs, and they were afraid to drive with their pets in the car as a result.

Dog With Sticking Out Tongue Sitting In A Car Seat

However, the survey also revealed that many pet owners are uneducated about available safety devices for pets riding in cars. About half of the pet owners don't end any safety equipment for their pets. Twenty-eight percent of respondents had purchased a dog crate or seatbelt, and only 5% of drivers had a built-in safety system. Of the pet owners, 41% allow their dogs to ride in the front seat, and only 23% buckle their dogs up when in the car.

The survey indicates that there's clear room for advancement in both awareness of available pet safety systems, as well as in the development of pet safety systems and safe cars, too. Volvo Cars has developed pet safety accessories that can be directly incorporated into the car. The safety equipment includes a dog grate and steel grille, a dog harness, and a load compartment divider.

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