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Michigan DNR Pilots Extended Bow Season

Southeast Michigan hunters can now take advantage of a longer bow season.

Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties will be take part in a pilot program for an extended bow season. The program will extend the season until Jan. 31, 2018. The last day for the rest of the state is Jan. 1. CBS Detroit reports the extended season will be evaluated in 2019.

CBS Detroit has reported that the extended season was brought about to help neighboring cities dealing with high deer populations, Detroit most notably. Ann Arbor, the city that made headlines for its deer cull, is not affected by this extended season.

"There can be excellent hunting  opportunities available for archery hunters in January," DNR deer specialist Chad Stewart stated. "This extended season also could be used to help benefit municipalities by using archers as a low-cost first attempt to resolve their urban deer conflicts."

This statement makes complete sense to me. You should utilize a resource you already have, right?

If you're looking to take advantage of this late season you will have plenty of opportunities to find deer over food sources. With the weather getting colder in Michigan, deer will search out still-standing food sources and leftover acorns. Scrapes may also prove worthwhile, as deer are shifting away from the rut. Baiting is prohibited during this extended season, though.

The DNR would like remind hunters that some bucks may have shed at this point. Be sure to look at the deer's head before making a shot. You wouldn't want to shoot your top buck after it's shed its antlers.


Michigan DNR Pilots Extended Bow Season