Close to 70 Deer Found Dead in California

Nature can be scary.

Close to 70 mule deer were recently found dead near Bishop, California. While no one has confirmed this, apparently a large herd was moving across side when something happened to them. The two people that found the animals also dispatched the few that survived the fall and were suffering from their injuries. See the photos below.

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Unfortunately, this news seems to be speculation more than anything. One forum user (so take it for what it's worth) claimed these deer were heading to their annual winter grounds. While traveling, they came across ice in some steep areas and fell to their deaths. The iced-over area is rumored to be around the Bishop Pass hiking trail in the Inyo National Forest.

Whether you believe this or not, that photo has to have some shred of accuracy, and it doesn't appear to be altered from my untrained eye. This could be a terrible blow to an already-stressed California deer herd. Years of severe drought and a tough winter have already taken a toll. This is last thing the herd needed.