Gun Bills Pass Through the Michigan Senate: Here's What to Know

Several gun laws have been passed in the Michigan Senate.

Senate Bill 0366 and 527 have been passed through the Michigan Senate and are awaiting governor signature.

The first of theses laws is a provisional license for concealed carry. This would allow those between the ages of 18 and 20 to carry concealed. Currently the age limit is set to 21. According to MLive the Bill sponsor, Wayne Schmidt uses the logic that 18 to 20 year olds already handle firearms in police and military training.

The second allows foster parents to own guns. Foster parents are required to keep firearms stored securely and out of reach of children. Including keeping the firearms stored in a lock place, with the ammunition locked separately, with the triggers locked, and registering all handguns.

Most of these make complete sense, however from a personal protection standpoint, I can definitely understand wanting to keep a firearm close at hand.

The law with the most attention is related to allowing concealed guns in schools. The downside of the bill is that it would stop open carry in Michigan schools. This package was led by Arian Meekhof of West Olive. According to MLive, Meekhof states that concealed weapons could serve as a deterrent when somebody is looking to cause harm.

There is a lot of support for carrying in schools. Some teachers around the country have received training to use a gun in school zones. Others have voiced their opinion and support to use their right to carry a gun in schools.