Dad Cat Meets His Kittens For The First Time

Momma cat encourages dad as he meets his kittens for the first time in this touching video.

In this adorable video, momma cat and her newborn kittens are curled up in their cat bed when dad cat approaches, meeting his new kittens for the first time. The momma's body language is priceless as dad clearly does not know what to do. Momma cat gives him some encouragement so he can feel more comfortable meeting his kittens.

Not Sure About The New Kittens

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As the adult cat approaches the new cats, he tries to start the introduction process. However, the new dad is very apprehensive. The little furballs are so tiny, and there are quite a few of them. He nuzzles momma cat as she approaches him to give him a little extra encouragement. He sniffs around the kitten's home and the momma cat. He gives her a kiss as if he is telling her good job.

Clearly, the mother cat is his best friend, and the kittens will be at home with their parents. By the end of the video, papa cat looks like he is cautiously ready for playtime with his new kittens and momma cat when they get a little bigger and are ready to roam around their new home.

Facilitating First Meetings

As a pet parent, you have to be careful when an existing cat meets new pets, even if they are their own family members. An older cat can not like the addition of a second cat, or in this case, four kittens!

Before they head into the cat home, your kitten may want to have their own safe kitten home to stay in until they are bigger and the cat gets more comfortable with them.

Male cats are notorious for not accepting new kittens, so cat owners need to be aware of this when setting up a face-to-face meeting.

Your resident cat should have their own food bowl and water bowl separate from the kittens when they start to eat cat food.

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