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Meet Boyd, The Patriot's Other New Team Member

We know everyone is talking about the newest member of the Patriots this week and 'AB' (Antonio Brown) has gotten a lot of attention! However, another team member joined the Patriots and all animal lovers are freaking out.

Meet 'Boyd' their newest field crew member that specializes in chasing geese and protecting the stadium fields.

The 5½-year-old's job will keep the team's field in pristine shape, according to a post on the Gillette Stadium Twitter account. 

NBC Boston provided some insight into the new hire.

"Boyd's exact breed isn't known, but the field crew believes he's a border collie/husky mix. They do know he was born on Valentine's Day."

One more tidbit from the stadium's account, following a common Twitter practice: Boyd gets a 12/10 rating as "the GOAT field crew member."

Boyd is adorable and we hope he spends some time with Tom Brady throughout the week. We're so jealous.

You must check out the comments on Twitter, this post has made a lot of New England dogs jealous.

The New England Patriots are always cheered on in our house every Sunday and we're confident this new team member will now be followed by the field crews of the Bengals, Green Bay, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets, Detroit Lions, Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, Broncos, Redskins, and all the NFL teams out there!

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