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Massive Cat Looking for a Forever Home, at Philly Shelter

The power of social media is amazing, let's share this! This cat needs to be on a weight management program but perhaps is also just a mix of larger breeds.

We looked up the fattest cat and we learned that in previous editions of the Guinness World Records book, the heaviest cat of all, for example, was Himmy, owned by Thomas Vyse (Australia), who weighed 46lb 15 ½ oz when it died on 12th March 1986 at the age of 10 years 4 months.

So we want this cat 'CHONK' to lose weight and the perfect family can help out with that! Meet BeeJay — who at 26 pounds weighs more than some small wild cats. You can find him at a Philadelphia animal shelter, Morris Animal Refuge animal shelter. 

Look at this sweet cat!

Adopt this cat! 

You can also look at Reddit for a CHONK thread which is really great.

Have you ever met a 26-pound cat before? This package of fluff deserves a warm bed to sleep on! Looks like a tabby cat and this guy find happiness at the shelter daily so imagine how he's with a family!

Do you know a fat cat? Leave a comment below with your story. 

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