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Tiger, Now 31, Going Strong with Plenty of Lives Left

If you Google "world's oldest cat" you get a great listing on Wikipedia. It appears there was a cat that was 38-years-old but this cat is also one of the oldest for sure!

There was a post on Reddit and we all wanted to know if Tiger at 31-years-old is indeed the oldest cat on record. Tiger may not be the oldest cat in the world, but he's the oldest cat in Illinois.

The post was made by Robert Goldstein's step-daughter. A story and radio segment on WBBM Newsradio confirmed that Tiger is now a social media star.

"She goes, 'I can't get over it but there's like 150,000 people that have responded about your cat,' and I was like, 'Well, that's awesome,'" Goldstein said.

The owner said Tiger's nickname is Lincoln and that he acquired the cat in 1996 from his then-girlfriend, who got him in 1989. The WBBM Newsradio story says that Tiger still goes outside and sits on top of the car.

Wikipedia tells us that the top five oldest cats on record are:

  • Creme Puff, 38
  • Baby, 38
  • Puss, 36
  • Ma, 34
  • Granpa Rex, 34

Tiger does not take any crap from his Pittie brother either. We love seniors and this cat is amazing! This old cat may not be the oldest living cat but he's pretty close.

How old is the oldest cat you know? Leave a comment below with your story.

This post was originally published on August 5, 2019.

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