Marley the Sheep Just Can’t Believe He Doesn’t Belong in the House

The Valais Blacknose Sheep has always gotten our attention because it's so cute, but this is the first time we've seen it living in a house as a pet. 

The Valais Blacknose Sheep is most commonly seen dotting the hills in the high Swiss alps. Their little black faces peer out of the masses of tangled white curls and their little black hooves, floppy ears, and horns complete the look of the cutest little lamb.

But Marley the Valais sheep is the first we've ever seen that lives in the house like just another doggy.

Six-month-old Marley lives in Carlisle, Cumbria, in the U.K with his family, who thought the little sheep could help mow the overgrown garden. But when Marley the orphaned sheep was first adopted from a local farmer he contracted a disease called joint-ill, which is unfortunately common in little lambs. Marley's joints were so swollen every morning that he had trouble getting out of bed. 

Soon the whole family was taking turns bottle-feeding Marley from his dog bed, where he would cuddle with the family Lab named Jess. Marley wasn't expected to live, but with some last-minute antibiotics and some TLC from his doting family, he was back to his fluffy normal self.

dog and sheep

But because Marley got such special treatment, lived inside, ate food other than grass, and went on walks on a leash just like Jess, he, no wonder, started acting more like a dog than a sheep, even though he isn't quite house-trained...

The Vaughns knew something had to change. After all, Marley would soon weigh over 200 pounds and hooves are a little more damaging than paws.

dog and sheep

Soon Marley refused to go outside even though the Vaughan family lives in the beautiful English countryside on three acres of land complete with a barn...

Ali Vaughn told Metro UK:

"Whenever we try to get Marley outside he puts up a fight. And he's so much bigger now, it's not an easy feat. When we do finally get him outside you have to be careful opening the door, if he notices it's open he will make a mad dash to get back in."


In order to teach Marley how to act like one of his own, the Vaughn family has gotten another sheep, a brown Ryeland which they've named Bear. They hope Bear will teach Marley how to graze, frolic, and sleep in the barn. And finally be a sheep again.

Now Marley's human family and Jess can visit him in his own house (the barn)!

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Photos by SWNS via Metro UK

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