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Baby Cow Survives Hurricane Harvey by Living Inside Like the Best Dog

What a little survivor!

Harveigh the cow was born only a few days after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. It was an unexpected birth and the flooding on the Canton family's property in Fulshear, Texas was pretty bad. Terry Canton told TODAY:

 "The water was extremely cold, and the pasture was holding quite a bit of water. Mom wasn't nursing her and Harveigh was weak and shivering from the cold rain."

So, the Canton family did what most animal lovers would do: they brought Harveigh inside.
Terry's husband drove to the next town in the storm to get some formula and they slowly nursed the newborn calf back to health.

Soon, the household accepted Harveigh as one of their own, including the seven dogs.
Harveigh adjusted well in the Canton's 2,400-square-foot, three-bedroom home but she was still little, weighing only 60 pounds as a new calf. Like most baby cows, Harveigh grew.

Even though she loves being in the house with her family, the calf is outgrowing the hallways.

The Cantons have a barn on their property, which houses six other cows, but Harveigh isn't ready to move out. The Cantons are sensitive to Harveigh's feelings so instead of sending her out cold turkey, they are taking baby steps.

Just outside the house there is a new enclosure, which the Cantons are calling a cow condo.

"It's a pretty good-size condo that can hold all of her hay, food, water and enough room for her to lay down," Canton said.

Harveigh still feels close enough to her family in her new condo. When she isn't nestled near her heater, she frolics in the pasture with her dog friends while slowly getting used to the other cows.

"We are slowly introducing her," Canton said. "It's so hard not to go and just get her out. If she wants to learn how to 'cow,' she will need to spend time with them."

And she is still allowed in the house for a snack or a quick cuddle.

It's hard for the Cantons to kick Harveigh out of the house, but the cow now weighs 400 pounds and everyone knows it's for the best. Even though she will soon move into the barn, Harveigh will always be part of the Canton clan.

"It fills my heart with joy being able to spend so much sweet time with her. She will literally lay her head on my lap and be at peace," said Canton. "If you can look into an animal's eyes and see the love they have and the emotions that many don't give them credit for having, you would fight for their life too."

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All photos via Harveigh's Story/Facebook

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