Calf Born on Texas Ranch Looks Exactly Like Gene Simmons

She was obviously named Genie.

A very special calf was born on July 28 on a ranch in Texas. The reason why she is getting so much attention? She looks suspiciously like rocker Gene Simmons.

So much so, that Hill Country Visitor is calling the rockstar out, asking where he was November 26, 2016 since a cow's gestation period is 6-8 months. Did Gene Simmons have something to do with this?

The little calf's markings do look a lot like the famed rocker who was even rumored to have had a cow tongue grafted to his own to make it longer. Coincidence? I think not.

Although, the ranch did say they like to listen to Kiss on the barn radio...

gene simmons calf

The calf was born at a ranch in Kerrville, Texas and the photo was sent to Hill Country Visitor. The ranch supplies beef for Cowboy Steak House but Genie is staying off the table. She will become the restaurant's spokes-cow instead.

And she will make a great mascot! Rock on, Genie.

These facial markings of this Texas calf are almost identical! How could Gene Simmons not have had anything to do this with this? Perhaps the cow saw a concert of Kiss rocker Gene Simmons before giving birth!

What do you think the rancher though when first seeing this farm animal? This newborn calf is such a fine specimen! To get a newborn calf to look this much like Gene Simmons you would almost need a bottle of face paint! This social media post is a family favorite. We'd love to visit the Texas ranch where this cow lives and see what she looks like now. I bet the rock group Kiss saw this when it first went viral and loved it.

Tell us what you think of this cow's awesome markings in the comments below!

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