Mark Drury
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Mark Drury Smokes a 216-Inch, Iowa 17-Point Giant With His Bow

Mark Drury puts the smackdown on a true Iowa giant.

Every hunter has their own tales about the bucks who got away. Those elusive monsters who are like ghosts in the forest that slip away and are never seen again. Sometimes, there is just no explaining a deer's behavior, especially when it is a mature whitetail.

Even someone like Mark Drury was left scratching his head on an Iowa giant he named "Disappearing Act." The name is appropriate because this huge buck would show up every summer before vanishing from trail camera until the following year. In fact, the big buck disappeared for more than a year at one point before showing up again.

It is a fascinating story from Mark hearing about this buck's strange habits. There is a lesson to be learned here in how Mark was finally able to seal the deal on this 6.5-year-old, 216-inch buck with 17 scorable points with his bow.

This buck is an absolute beast and the kind of deer that dreams are made from. No wonder so many hunters go to Iowa to hunt every year. This deer's mysterious nature makes him even more fascinating. Where did he go that year where he was missing? How far away did he really wander? And were there other hunters pursuing this giant? It's clear the Drury farm was not his home area due to the photos being so sparse and the lack of shed antlers.

Unless someone else comes forward with trail camera photos and video, we may never know for sure. Whitetail bucks are creatures of habit, but they are also incredibly unpredictable in their movements and actions. It is what makes them so hard to hunt and harvest. We think Mark may be right about this buck getting pushed out of his old stomping grounds, thus returning to his summer haunt for the first time in the fall. If that theory is correct, it begs the question: how big was the buck that ran him off?!?

Whatever the case may be, Mark made an excellent shot on this giant. The big buck did not even have a chance to leave the field before dropping. It does not get much better than that. Congrats to Mark on his awesome Iowa buck!

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