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Man Takes Down a Deer... in a Walmart

You really can find anything at Walmart.

The Walmart in Wadena, Minnesota had a special guest visit there store. A deer decided to shop around at the Walmart. Now the whole town is talking about the deer.

The young deer was probably looking for food when it accidentally entered the building from the garden center. This of course started a panic among the current shoppers. When the people started screaming, the deer also freaked out. Running into a few customers until finally it ran into Tom Grasswick.

"It felt like I got slugged or something" said Grasswick when the deer ran into him. Then his instincts kicked in and he subdued the young deer. Tom must have been a wrestler as he easily tackled and held the deer as pictured below.

Image via Facebook

Look at that form, as a former wrestler that deer isn't moving. Covering the eyes is a nice touch to keep the deer calm. Even though at 100 pounds the deer probably didn't stand a chance. Shortly, after taking down the deer others helped to cover the deer's eyes. Once it was blinded it was released with the aid of other customer's outside and unharmed.

The young deer was said to be feeding on flowers in the garden center when it wondered through. To prevent this from happening again the Walmart will be changing it's door policies. Hopefully, that will be enough to keep the deer at bay. Anyone else wondering what plant drew the deer in despite all the people in the area? That's what I need that in my food plots.