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Man Allegedly Shoots Squirrel with Bow for Giving Him the Wrong Look

He took it a little too personal.

Jonathan Mangia of Staten Island, New York is facing animal cruelty charges for shooting a squirrel. He shot it with his bow and arrow for literally the dumbest reason; it gave him a look. He even admitted this to investigators as reported by dnainfo.

The squirrel showed up at his property on May 2. Mangia tried to throw rocks at it in an attempt to scare it off, to no avail. That's when the squirrel apparently made its fatal mistake and gave him 'a look'. Of course, he couldn't let that stand and grabbed his bow to finish the job.

A well-placed shot was made on the squirrel, resulting in a short tracking job... for the police. The animal was able to remove the arrow itself and run along a power line before falling onto the street. Of course the squirrel was dead when the police arrived. Mangia was arrested and reportedly admitted to the incident. According, to Staten Island District Attorney's office Mangia is being charged with torturing and injuring animal and reckless endangerment. New York Police Department confiscated the bow and tweeted the below image.

I have to say, I've had some squirrels irritate me. I haven't shot one, or would even consider shooting one in a residential neighborhood or city. That is just stupid and not safe. This guy is contributing to the bad reputation some hunters have.