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10 Easy Little Things an Average Guy Can do to be a Better Hunter and Angler

Little things can make a big difference.

There can be some simple and easy ways to better yourself. Some are so easy they're often overlooked. Check this list to make sure you aren't shorting yourself.

1. Lift your feet

This is also a pet peeve of mine. If you scuff your feet when you walk, you're going to do it when you're hunting and scare everything off. Practice lifting your feet up and gently setting them down. It won't take long to get the hang of it, and then it becomes second nature.

2. Scout constantly

This will drive your significant other nuts, but that's for a different list. We all know hunting and fishing season never ends and every opportunity is also a scouting  chance. Heading out of town, look for a new lake or patch of property. Driving past public land, keep your eyes on the road but make sure that ridge isn't holding deer.

3. Walk more

Getting into better shape helps in every facet of life and the outdoors is no exception. You will have more stamina to for longer sits and longer fights. Also if you scuff your feet, see the first item on this list and use these as another reason to practice. This can be as simple as taking the stairs, or you can get adventurous and take up running.

4. Learn to use a bait caster

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

If you don't already, this is a relatively simple and easy thing to learn. The benefits of more accurate and longer casts greatly out weigh the time you will take to learn how to use one (which actually isn't too hard). Just don't overload the spool and start with heavy lures, working toward lighter ones, and you will get the hang of it.

5. Watch the weather

Besides the fact that it's no fun to fish in the rain, you can use weather information to pattern whatever you're chasing. You will start to notice the bass bite more before a rain storm. You can start pairing conditions to the sightings of that big buck.

6. Practice with your calls

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

This is another one that can be added to the list of "How to Annoy Your Significant Other." So do it in your truck, especially if you have to commute to work. I have mastered many a diaphragm call while driving. If your lucky enough to see something on your drive and you're practicing number two, you're ready to go. Nothing like practicing on the real thing; just pull over and watch its reaction.

7. Use maps

Know the lakes you are fishing. Finding the contours and changes in depth will put you on fish. Same thing with hunting, know the lows and the flats of the land.

8. Try new things/species

So, you're an avid bass angler, or avid deer hunter. If you want to get better try fishing or hunting something new and you might learn a few things. Go after pike or catfish to learn a new presentation to use on bass. Pick up bow hunting or turkey hunting to make you a better deer hunter. While this isn't one of the easiest ones it might be one of the most fun.

9. Read/Educate yourself

Knowledge is power. The more you know about your prey the more dangerous the predator. If you are reading this you have a good start. Keep digging and read everything you can.

10. Make it fun

In the pursuit of game we often forget why we are doing this. It's not for the trophy, its for the fun and experience. Think back to some of your fondest memories of your outdoor adventures, how many of those actually involve hooking that monster? Or they involve something humorous from deer camp. Just take your family and friends out whenever you can.