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Smart Tricks to Get Longer Casts Out of Your Baitcaster

Use these tricks to get your line out to where the fish are.

We would all like to cast further. You can move the boat less. Stay in the strike zone more. Most importantly, you look cooler than your fishing buddies. Use these tips to go the distance with your baitcaster.

Less is more

Less line is more distance. Unlike a spinning reel you don’t have to worry about the spool causing fiction and shortening your casts. With a baitcaster the line itself is the main source of friction so less is more.

Load the rod

To get more distance, you want your back swing to be aggressive. Don’t hit anyone, but you want some bend in your rod. If you are casting a light lure go with a light action rod. Let out more line than you normally would to give more load in your back swing.

Switch to braid

In theory braid is lighter than other fishing lines, allowing you to adjust accordingly. You can lessen the brakes on the reel and spool less line resulting in less friction. Now, in the interest of my personal integrity and opinion; I don’t do this. I have seen too many problems with braid in my fishing style(s) from the lack of stretch in the line. This tip is more up to the anglers preference.

Adjust your brakes properly

If you are just starting out with a baitcaster you will want to adjust the brakes properly for the lure you are fishing. Hold the rod at a 45 degree angle with the lure a few inches from the tip. Let the lure fall and tighten the brakes until the lure drops slowly. If you prefer to use your thumb and have the experience you can turn the brakes off completely to get the most out of your casts.


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Smart Tricks to Get Longer Casts Out of Your Baitcaster