A Few of the Best Graduation Gifts for Guys Who Love the Outdoors

Get him the gift he really wants.

Graduations are a time of celebration and congratulations on an amazing achievement. Gifts are a great way to commemorate the occasion. Not all gifts are created equal, so if you're congratulating a young outdoorsman on getting his sheepskin, get him what he really wants.

1. Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite Folding Knife: $35

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Regardless of what type of outdoors person you're shopping for, you can never go wrong with a folding knife. The Outdoor Edge Folding Knife is an amazing product that allows you to switch out blades when one gets dull, speeding up the time it takes to process whatever game has been harvested.

2. CUTCO Fisherman's Solution and Sheath: $119

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While it's not cheap, the Fisherman's Solution filet knife is worth every penny. I have used mine to filet countless bass and bluegill, then use it on lakers and salmon without sharpening it. Mine was a gift and it is to this day still one of the best gifts I have.

3. Estwing 14" Sportsman's Axe: $35

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Hatchet's are worth their weight in cold at a camp site. If you have a graduate that loves camp the Estwing Sportsman is a great gift. The forged steel is built to last and the nylon grip makes it a pleasure to use.

4. Travel First Aid Kit: $35

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While admittedly not the most fun gift, when needed, a first aid kit can often be the best gift. This is a great gift for the boat, car, backpack, or whatever else your graduate maybe into.

5. Arrows: $26 - $40

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Arrows are hands down one of the best gifts for your graduating archer or bow hunter. From personal experience, no matter how much you practice anyone with a bow will go throw a lot of arrows. Carbon fiber arrows with low profile short vanes are light, fast, and very forgiving.

6. Fishing Line: $5+

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When you graduate and are on your own or at college and money gets tight, one of the first things that you skimp on is fishing line. You look at your pole and there's line there, so you don't change it out to save a few bucks. Keep the grad in your life from losing a big one. Just go with the safe bet and stick to Monofilament.