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Man Moved in with a Kansas Shelter Dog, She Gets Adopted

Update: Queen was adopted! Grab some Kleenex as this send-off is beautiful.

Original article published September 23, 2019. 

Scott Poore is at the Great Plains SPCA. His mission is to live there until 'Queen' is adopted. He has a beautiful story and what he's doing will absolutely bring the awareness needed to get this dog out of the shelter. In one video he mentions that Queen stopped eating and now she's starting to perk back up and clearly his time with her is why.

He volunteers his time each week at shelters and operating Mission Driven Goods, a clothing brand he founded to promote and raise funds for shelters and the animals they care for, his passion for matching homeless pets with their forever families is inspiring.

It sounds like there are a few applicants but no adoption yet.

Here's her story.

The Dogington Post reports that Queen, is a 3-year old terrier mix and after 400 days in the Great Plains SPCA shelter, she was lonely and began showing signs of losing hope. Not anymore! 

Poore came in and decorated her kennel and brought in a 'home office' so he could spend time with her. He made a commitment to move in with her until she's adopted. She looks happy and the video of the two of them on a car ride is fabulous! Look at her new bedding and kennel!

Poore is asking for donations while he's living the shelter home and will match each dollar through the month of September.

More about Queen is on the shelter's site. 

The shelter dog in this story isn't all that different than all the other dogs that need homes! A shelter environment is a tough place for a nervous dog to live for an extended period of time. This man moves into the shelter to make a statement and make sure enough noise is made that this dog finds a forever family. This is an absolute victory for 'Queen' and the importance of adoption. We're treating this as breaking news as it should be.

Would you move a twin mattress into a kennel at a shelter to get a dog adopted like Poore? Let's find 'Queen' a new best friend so her shelter star is quickly ended. We love this Kansas man!

Let's get this girl adopted. This shelter is in Mirriam, Kansas.

Help get Queen adopted! Please leave us a comment below!

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