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Maine Coon Cat Spends Summers in the Pool

I've been smiling ever since I visited Tissy's Facebook page, Water Kitty. 

Do you know a cat that likes to swim? TribeLive.com reports that Tissy likes to hang out in her owner's pool in Western Pennsylvania. She even has custom floaties so she stays safe. The fluffy, orange Maine Coon cools off weekly! Can we meet her, please?  

It didn't start off this way for Tissy though as she was rescued by Sony Herr.

"People say it's crazy, but she's just a laid-back cat that loves to swim," said Sonny Herr, who rescued a tiny flea-infested, homeless, Tissy about five years ago from a busy parking lot near the Butler County Fairgrounds.

She lounges on a towel when she's done with her nine-year-old human sister.

"After Tissy swims up an appetite, she enjoys nibbling on Friskies cat food, Spaghettios and chicken noodle soup."

Is it crazy for a Maine Coon to want to swim? Not really! We love this breed and thought it would be fun to share some facts about why they enjoy the water below!

Come and visit 'Water Kitty' on Facebook.

PetMD.com tells us they float on water!

Floats On Water: This cat has water-resistant fur that not only enables it to withstand harsh frigid climates but swims effortlessly through the water.

Mensa-Ready: This cat is one super smart, athletic and lovable feline. They know a quality friend when they see one. And that's you. Cats are smart like that, too. Especially the Maine Coon.

Playtime: The Maine Coon may not be a lap cat, but she's very loving and playful. Bring out the scrabble and the string! Additionally, she likes to talk in her special trilling voice and she's gentle when she plays. So, let the games begin!

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Tissy has come a long way! We love her!

One dog I know spends summers swimming in the pool but I don't know any cats! Our pets are our family members and we want to spend time with them! This Armstrong County cat bucks stereotypes and we love her. Thank you social media for bringing this to our attention. This is another real-life rescue story that has a happy ending!

Do you know a cat that swims? Leave a comment below with your story. 

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