A Lucky Dog Kennel Will Keep Your Outdoor Pooch Safe and Secure

It's the lucky dog who gets to enjoy the outdoors with their favorite people. Portable kennels are great for taking your dog along on outdoor adventures, but how about setting them up for their own safe space to bask in the natural world at home? A Lucky Dog Kennel is the perfect solution for that.

You need a dog playpen that has the durability to keep your pup from winding up lost. The great thing about Lucky Kennels is that they offer great roof covers, so your fur friend will have shade around the house or when out-and-about.

Lucky Dog Kennels

1. Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel (6'Hx4'Wx4'L)

This model is great for those extra-large dogs who like to add a few inches by standing up on their hind legs. The kennel kit prioritizes accessibility with easy-to-assemble screw connections that are strong.

2. Lucky Dog 60548 8ft x 4ft x 6ft Uptown Welded Wire Outdoor Dog Kennel Playpen Crate with Heavy Duty UV-Resistant Waterproof Cover, Black

The kennel cover is longer on this model. The pricing might reflect that, but with Lucky Dog pet kennels, the quality never changes. Center wire welding of the frame eliminates any sharp edges, creating a dog-safe haven.

3. Lucky Dog Modular Welded Wire Dog Kennel

Commercial-grade steel frame? Check. That goes for all Lucky Kennels, but what the Lucky Dog Modular Design offers that others don't is an extra 12 square feet of space for your puppy. This is perfect for a sturdy, permanent outdoor dog exercise pen. The roof frame can support a kennel cover kit as well. Great for those larger 50-80lb dog breeds.

4. Lucky Dog 60548 4ft x 4ft x 4.5ft Uptown Welded Wire Outdoor Dog Kennel Playpen Crate with Heavy Duty UV-Resistant Waterproof Cover, Black

An easy-come-easy-go gate latch works well as a dog house for smaller or older fur friends that don't require a lot of space or do a lot of moving. This is the perfect spot to stash an outdoor dog bed, and the kennel panels are some of the easiest to put together (even though similar items aren't much harder).

5. Lucky Dog Chain Link Boxed Dog Pen

The chainlink wire mesh of Lucky's largest model is galvanized to be pet-safe. The large footprint of the chainlink-style dog fence is the safest way to give your dog room to roam outside without any concerns about space.

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