Lion vs Wild Dogs
YouTube: Kruger Sightings

Male Lion Attacks Wild Dog Pups in Front of Stunned Tourists

These tourists got a front row seat to nature's cruelty.

By their very nature, lions are opportunistic predators that will not hesitate to snag an easy meal when the opportunity arises. Given the chance, they are not shy about picking on the young, and the weak to get dinner. Such is the case with this video of a large male lion in South Africa.

These tourists are watching a large group of wild dogs, mostly young pups who do not know any better about the dangers lurking behind every bush.

Suddenly, the huge lion comes out of nowhere to catch one of the dogs. It is not long before he is joined by two others who start eating the dog in front of the shocked tourists.

We are not sure why these tourists were so shocked. What did they expect to see on an African safari where lions are present? We are always amazed when people are surprised by the brutality of nature. Things are not like how they are portrayed in the Disney movies!

The truth is, given the chance, those wild dogs would cruelly make a meal out of plenty of other species of animal were they unfortunate enough to wander past. Life in Africa is especially hard for almost all animals. As we have seen extensively in the past, scenes like this play out in Kruger almost every day.

While most people think of the female lions as being the ones that do most of the hunting, that is simply not true. This large male so an opportunity and he took it. In truth, he made it look quite easy. It almost appears he killed just for the fun of it since he did not even bother to eat the wild dog pup afterwards. It all just goes to show that the lion is still the king of jungle and you do not want to mess around with one.

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