UV Sunglasses for Dogs: 8 Options to Protect Your Pooch's Peepers

You can pretend they are as magical as a mermaid, or you can spruce them up when the holidays roll around. One way to get serious about your dog's fashion choices is through protective gear, like sunglasses for dogs.

As a pet owner, you know how important it is to keep your dog safe. Sometimes it's hard to keep them safe from the things you can't see. Things like wind-blown particles or UV rays. Your pet dog is a part of your family. Consider some protective eyewear for your pooch.

Should Dogs Wear Sunglasses

It depends. If your dog needs protection from the elements, yes. Working dogs that encounter windy areas where dirt, snow, and the elements can affect their vision, goggles, or sunglasses may be a good idea. (If your dog loves to hike with you, see if your vet recommends sunglasses or goggles.)

Goggles or glasses may benefit specific breeds more too. PetMD says, "Boston Terriers, Shih Tzus, Pugs, and other breeds known as brachycephalics have prominent eyeballs, says Dr. Brady Beale, a clinical instructor in ophthalmology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in Philadelphia. "Prominent eyeballs are much more susceptible to abrasions, ulcers, and cuts."

Another reason to consider sunglasses or goggles is if your veterinarian has recommended them due to your dog's medical history. If they have current eye damage, UV rays may worsen their condition.

Best Dog Sunglasses

1. Namsan Dog Goggles Small to Medium Dog Sunglasses

Best Small Breed Pair Under $9

This Namsan model is great for small breeds like Boston Terriers, Pugs, Bulldogs, and Chihuahuas, among others. The compact goggles are foldable and have adjustable elastic straps.

2. Namsan Dog Goggles Large Breed Dog UV Sunglasses

Best for Large Snout Dogs Under $30

This pair is for larger breeds, with a wide nose bridge to suit longer snouts. The flexible frame doesn't mean a sacrifice in quality: these lenses are shatterproof.

3. NVTED Dog Sunglasses Dog Goggles, UV Protection

Medium to Large Breed Pair Under $12

The adjustable straps go a little farther up your dog's head for a secure, comfortable fit. These lenses are polycarbonates. Amazon reviewers say these sunglasses offer great protection and are just the right level of tint.

4. QUMY Dog Goggles Eye Wear Protection Waterproof

Small Breed Pair Under $10

Style up your pup with one of the many different color options from QUMY. The faded lenses add a little retro fashion so Fido can make protecting their eyes look good.

5. Rex Specs Dog Goggles - Eye Protection for The Active Dog

A Splurge: Best Goggles for Large Dogs

The Rex Specs can be adjusted to fit x-small to x-large dog breeds. The style of the goggle has a deep lens cup, so if your dog is active, you won't have to worry about them rubbing anything the wrong way.

6. Enjoying Dog Goggles - Small Dog Sunglasses

Amazon's Choice for Small Dog Sunglasses Under $10

These Amazon top-sellers have over 7,000 reviews, many of which praise these doggie sunglasses for their inexpensive price and high-quality protection. These are a great smoke lens for your dog.

7. PEDOMUS Dog Sunglasses Dog Goggles

Best for Golden Retrievers and Huskies Under $12

All of the dogs modeling for this pair of sunglasses look like they're ready to go full-send on a double black diamond next ski season.

8. PETLESO Dog Goggles- Large Breed Dog Sunglasses

An Amazon Favorite for Large Dogs Under $30

PETLESO offers a pair of dog sunglasses that can take your pooch all the way to the top of the mountain. With a comfortable chin strap, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities are a breeze.

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