Portable Dog Fences Should Be Every Owner's Secret Weapon

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Nothing is better than taking your favorite fur friend with you when you travel.

Nobody has to feel left out, and everyone in the family gets to experience something new. But sometimes, even the best-behaved dogs can have a little too much adventure. That's why traveling with a portable dog fence is a great idea.

Your furry friends are worth the comfiest accommodations. So, whether you're trying to build a contained spot for them at home, help them get used to a new place, or take your pet on a road trip, the best portable dog fence for you will vary depending on your needs. Here are some of the best out there for just about any situation.

Tips for Traveling With Dogs

When taking your dog on vacation, making sure they have their essentials is a no-brainer, however, there are some products we recommend to make the car ride comfier for your dog.

We love back seat extenders for dogs and car seats for small dogs. The extenders are helpful for multiple reasons. They keep your dog from standing on headrests to distract you and give your dog more room to relax as you drive. Plus, they keep fur from building up all over your car seats.

As for these adorable car seats for dogs, we love them for small dogs who need some added safety for them to sit still in the car. Make sure they're compatible with your car before purchasing.

Best Portable Dog Fences for Small Dogs

1. Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen

The YAHEETECH is great for pet parents with a small to medium-sized breed. The play area has heavy-duty, rust-resistant material with a powder coat finish suited for fighting corrosion in outdoor use. This high-quality choice is compact and ready to travel in RVs, vans, or right outside your tent.

It's also a great pick for several small dogs or a large dog.

Best for Travel

2. Heavy Duty Metal Exercise Pet Pen with Stakes

Maybe the best option for indoor use, this portable pet fence is the choice for hotel travels or as a play yard for smaller dogs. It is lighter weight than others— a metal fence with easy assembly. It's tight for larger dogs but is excellent for the pooch who isn't a big roamer.

Best Under $400

3. Pet Dog Heavy Duty Foldable Pen

The Topeakmart Playpen is the perfect outdoor dog fence for camping trips, thanks to the multiple size options. A few choices in the panel count mean you can build a sturdy puppy playpen with different shapes. Great for dog owners with medium to large breeds. No tools are required, and the durable ground stakes offer durability.

Best for Puppies

4. Folding Metal Exercise Pen Dog Kennel

MidWest Homes is a reliable brand for dog playpens. There are 16 square feet of space inside this portable fence. The dog gate can connect directly to the door of your dog crate. This model is super collapsible, making it another option for indoor setup or small dogs, or even guinea pigs! Your small pet will love the fresh air.

Best Rubber Option to Protect Floors Indoors

5. Pen Panel Pet Fence with Door

The Iris USA exercise pen is made with high-quality, dog-safe plastic for a very weather-resistant portable dog fence. It is only eight panels, recommended for indoor use, and has the perfect-sized dog door (or baby gate, depending on how you refer to your canine companion).

Best Overall for Quality & Budget

6. Pet Playpen Exercise Pen Dog Fence

This puppy playpen is huge! If you're worried about placement indoors or outdoors, consider changing the shape. You can configure it to your needs, such as the shape of a rectangle, square, or octagon. (And yes, you can change it without tools.) You'll have it set up in minutes for indoor-outdoor use.

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This post was originally published on April 9, 2021.

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