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GSM's Hoge Wild

Country Music Star Lucas Hoge's "Hoge Wild" Returns for Season Two with a New Sponsor

Season two of GSM's Hoge Wild" is set to return on June 28.

Billboard No. 1 country music songwriter Lucas Hoge is set to return his outdoor adventures to the Sportsman Channel on Monday, June 28 in season two of GSM's Hoge Wild. While most fans know Hoge as a talented musician, he enjoys spending every free moment he can in the outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, and exploring.

Hoge's travels take him across the globe, and this season promises to bring more fun outdoor moments designed not just to share the world's natural places, but also to promote conservation. Hoge also hopes to change the narratives around hunting a bit.

Season two will follow Hoge on a series of overseas trips performing and hunting for red stags, ducks, deer, elk, and more. It will also feature some angling in bucket list destinations like Catalina Island, the Cayman Islands, and Puerto Vallarta.

Just like with season one, fans can expect to see Hoge incorporate his music into the show. They can also expect to see some interesting guests. The Swon Brothers, and songwriter Kessy Timmer are named as just some of the guests joining Hoge this season.

The launch of season two comes hot on the heels of Hoge released a new single "Get Lost," which quickly racked up over a million views across social media.

This year, GSM Outdoors is coming on board as the title sponsor of Hoge Wild, so you can expect to see products like Stealth Cam, Walker's Hawk, and Muddy's Blinds in use on the show. GSM Outdoors CEO Eddie Castro expressed the brand's excitement to partner with Hoge for this year's adventures.

"GSM Outdoors is ecstatic to partner with Lucas as he travels the globe showcasing the beauty in wildlife conservation. We are not only fans of his music but also his love for the outdoors," Castro said in a press release. "This was a natural partnership as Lucas has been using several of our products for many years. We are so proud to partner with Lucas and his series 'Hoge Wild.'"

GSM's Hoge Wild season two is set to begin on the Sportsman Channel on Monday, June 28 at 7:30 p.m. eastern, 6:30 p.m. central. For more information see the GSM Outdoors website and Lucas Hoge's website.

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