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Squirrels Inspire a New Country Song From Hunter

Finally, we have the country song we've all been waiting for.

A big chunk of those of us who hunt tend to listen to country music. I suppose there are a number of obvious reasons for the correlation, but the most glaring is probably that hunters tend to grow up in rural areas where hunting is a part of life.

Subsequently, there are many country songs that become mainstays in the truck on the way to a stand, within whispered back-and-forth melodies during a slow day in the woods or around a campfire after a hard day of work.

There's usually a punchline or two in each song that directly relates to the activities you're participating in, but none has ever been a more appropriate addition to every hunter's playlist than the one you're about to hear.

Listen close as Zach Boyd sings us the blues we're all familiar with.

Watch the video below:

Hunting can be one brutal endeavor, especially when the days are long, the weather's harsh and the deer simply aren't moving. But nothing on earth will toy with a hunter's emotions more than and a restless squirrel rustling through the leaves underneath his or her treestand.

For that reason, Boyd here had no choice but to write the perfect country western song.

From now on, every time a squirrel dupes you into thinking that wall-hanger is closing in, you're probably going to start humming this song in your head.

You might as well go ahead and add it to the deer hunting playlist now because you already know squirrels will never let up on us!