Walls Workwear

Beat the Wear and Tear of Hunting Season With These Offerings From Walls

If you want to stop having to replace all your good clothes, you need something more durable.

Workwear is becoming more and more popular among hunters who put in the work to fill the freezer. Camouflage is important, yes, as is lightweight, breathable clothing that keeps you comfortable out in the field.

However, any hardcore hunter will tell you half of the work that goes into harvesting an animal isn't done with a gun or a bow in hand.

Die-hard deer hunters typically spend their entire off-seasons managing land to prepare for the next opening day. Those loyal to public land spend countless hours scouting rugged terrain. Upland and small-game hunters know the struggles of keeping a wardrobe in tact when training a puppy.

The reasons for workwear's continuous expansion into the hunting market are endless, which is why more and more options are starting to surface.

And, some of the more popular choices come from Walls Outdoor Goods. We got the chance to field test a couple of them.

Amarillo Worn-In Duck Work Jacket

Amarillo Worn-In Duck Work Jacket

Nothing is worse than trying to work in clothes that feel especially heavy, but the Amarillo somehow finds the happy medium between toughness and comfort.

Featuring a nine-ounce, sanded, stonewashed cotton duck material, this jacket is as durable as they come, yet it's lightweight enough for a full day of work.

It's also especially warm, as it sports a classic fleece lining. So, if you're one who spends a lot of time working in the cold, you won't need as many layers, which means you're doing less work in your day-to-day clothes. That fleece lining also found its way into the pockets, giving you the added ability to warm up your hands after each job.

Triple-needle stitching also makes it nearly impossible to tear this thing at the seams. The Amarillo is an ideal go-to work jacket for all your off-season needs.

Ditchdigger Double-Knee DWR Stretch Duck Work Pant

walls ditchdigger pants

Outside of a solid pair of boots, work pants are easily the best investment any outdoorsman can make. Between hiking through rough brush and busting your tail to get your land just right for the season, you're going to want something that can pass the test of time and take a beating.

The Walls Ditchdigger Double-Knee DWR Stretch Duck Work Pant is a great way to go, at a fraction of the cost of other popular workwear brands.

Stretch technology gives the Ditchdiggers a serious advantage, as they don't feel stiff when you're putting them through the wringer.

Using extra-tough, 11-ounce cotton, stretch duck material, paired with Walls' Smooth Move™ waistband, you don't ever feel physically limited with these on.

Another feature we found noteworthy were the heavy-duty belt loops. There's nothing worse than constantly having to pull up your pants while you're trying to work. With these belt loops, your belt always feels flush and snug to your waist.

Each of these products finds a parallel between comfort and durability, but their price points are perhaps what truly sets them ahead of the competition.