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10 Best Songs for Hunters to Listen to While Heading to the Stand

top 10 songs for hunters
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This list of the top 10 songs for hunters could be your go-to playlist for those early morning hunts no matter what season it is.

For most of us, getting up well before dawn is tough. Of course, it's easier if you are going hunting, but regardless it's still a challenge.

What can make it a bit easier is having the appropriate music to listen to, and we're here to help with that.

Take a look below at the top 10 songs for hunters to listen to on your drive out to the stand.

Justin Moore - "Guns"

Guns are where hunting started for most of us, and regardless of whether we choose guns or archery now, they are a freedom that we take very seriously.

Luke Bryan - "Muckalee Creek Water"

We've all got that special place, and for many, it's where we hunt when we just need to get away.

Justin Moore - "This is NRA Country"

The lifestyle that Moore portrays as the "NRA lifestyle" is what most of choose to live when we choose the hunting lifestyle.

Aaron Lewis - "Grandaddy's Gun"

Whether it be a gun or some other keepsake, for many of us, hunting and the outdoors started with our grandfathers and that is something that we will hold on to forever.

Hank Williams Jr. - "A Country Boy Can Survive"

Even if we don't have to hunt for survival, it's nice to know that we could if we needed to. And this song reminds us of just the freedom and resourcefulness that hunting gives us.

Blake Shelton - "Ol Red"

If you've ever hunted with dogs, you know what good hunting partners they can be. And, if you've used them long enough just how they can be deceived and lead you astray from time to time.

Tracy Byrd - "Pass It On"

With as much "political correctness" as there is in the world today, hunting really is a tradition that must be passed on to the next generation if it is to survive, and it's up to us to do that.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Swamp Music"

Sometimes you feel like you just need to go down to the swamp for a hunt and nothing will prepare you for that any better than a little Skynyrd.

Josh Turner - "Backwoods Boy"

Whether boy, girl, man, or woman, if you love hunting, nature, and the woods that a country lifestyle offers, then chances are you're a "backwoods boy."

Eric Church - "Carolina"

Being from North Carolina, this one is personal to me, but I think we can all relate to having that one place in particular that always calls you home. And, for many, that place includes a plot of hunting land.

What songs would you add to your hunting playlist?

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10 Best Songs for Hunters to Listen to While Heading to the Stand