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Can You Clear a Plate Rack with a Pistol… While Blindfolded?

while blindfolded
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You probably think you can clear a plate rack with a pistol, but the real question is, can you do it while blindfolded? 

If you enjoy shooting pistols, then shooting plates is a great step to take to improve your performance in both accuracy, and speed. But if you really want to step up your reflex shooting game, then maybe you should try shooting plates while blindfolded. That’s exactly what Kirsten Joy Weiss did after only a couple of days shooting plates, and you’ll want to see the results.

As Weiss said, this is definitely not something you’ll want to do in an uncontrolled environment. You’ll want to make sure that the area is clear and that there are at least a few pairs of “safety eyes” behind the shooter ready to yell “stop” if anything about the shooting environment changes.

All in all, this is a great way to practice your concentration and muscle memory for improving your plate shooting, and it’s a great range trick if you can manage to pull it off.

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Can You Clear a Plate Rack with a Pistol… While Blindfolded?