alligator in Louisiana home

Louisiana Couple Burglarized by 5-Foot Alligator

In Louisiana, the doggy door isn't just for dogs.

Don and Jan Schultz had only been living in Louisiana for a week when they got a rude awakening—literally.

The couple was fast asleep one night last week when their dog Panda, a 7-year-old Australian cattle dog, started growling deeply. Jan woke Don up, saying she thought there was someone in the house.

Don headed down the hallway to check, fully expecting a burglar.

Instead, he found a 5-foot alligator in his house. Apparently, it let itself in via Panda's doggy door.

The couple called 911, and Wildlife and Fisheries officers were sent to their house on a late night call. The alligator had made itself quite at home on the Schultz's rug, and did not go quietly. It hissed and thrashed as an officer wrangled it with a catchpole.

Eventually, the alligator was subdued, tied up safely, and removed from the scene.

Don and Jan said of their exciting night: "We're getting the full Cajun experience."

It's not the first time an alligator has become an unexpected house guest, but it is hopefully the last time for the Schultz's. Panda's doggy door has now been equipped with a lock that only unlocks in the presence of her collar.

Their alligator friend was released into the nearby bayou, and will have to get a whole lot smarter if he wants to make a repeat visit.

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