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Monstrous Alligator Stops Play for Golfers, Has Deer Doing a Double Take

When it comes to big alligators, they pretty much just do whatever they want, largely because very few people are going to try and stop them. That was the case with this huge gator that was seen crossing the fairway of Ocean Creek golf course in Florida back in 2018. Alligators on a golf course aren't an uncommon sight in Florida, but this one was large enough to make anyone look twice. All the golfers immediately forgot about getting to the next hole and stopped to take photos and video of the dinosaur crossing the fairway.

Even the deer in the background seem genuinely stunned to see such a huge reptile up close and personal.

The video's description estimates this alligator to be about 12 feet in length, and the camera's perspective and the way it is framed may make it look much larger. However, this reptile is definitely large enough to chow down on a human or any of the deer feeding in the background. Thus, we can understand their concern and why they were keeping such a close eye on it.

Hopefully the doe with the fawn are sure to stay clear of this predator, too, as it would likely make short work of them. You know, we hate holding up others on the golf course, but this is one instance where no one should be playing through—not only for safety reasons, but just for the sheer rarity of a sight like this. As dangerous as alligators are, getting to experience one in such an intimate, wild environment is surely something to behold.

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