Alligator vs Bass
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Alligator Steals and Eats Angler's Freshly-Caught Largemouth Bass

There was no catch and release with this bass.

Florida is well-known for being a bass fisherman's paradise. The warm climate allows largemouth bass to fatten up to sizes not often found in other states. As if that was not enough, there are also plenty of spots all over the state to pursue America's favorite freshwater gamefish in the Sunshine State.

There is one small downside to bass fishing in Florida. The areas frequented by largemouth bass are also often haunts for the American alligator. One of America's great conservation success stories, it is hard to avoid gators in any Florida waterway.

In this clip, a fisherman is reeling in what looks to be a nice-sized bass. Unfortunately for him, a nearby gator has also taken notice of the fish on the end of his line. The alligator follows the fish straight up onto the bank and wolfs it down whole in front of the angler and his wife. It is a bizarre video. The kind that could only have been taken in Florida.

We have so many questions about this video. Why did the angler drag the fish across the grass like that instead of going to land it traditionally? Unless he was concerned about the alligators in the area. Then there is the comedic aspect of this where the guy keeps on a casual conversation while the woman is freaking out over an alligator eating the catch of the day.

The guy must be an alligator hunter is his spare time. That is the only explanation we have for how casually he approached this situation. Apparently that story about Shawn was much more important. His reaction is the total opposite of a recent video where something similar happens with a crocodile. The situation is made funnier by the woman's hysterical and obviously scared reaction to the whole thing.

The lesson we came away with on this is to be careful bass fishing in shallow, swampy waters in Florida. Because you cannot catch and release a bass that fattens up the stomach of the local gators instead!

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