Crocodile Fish Catch
YouTube: bcfaustralia

Crocodile Steals Fisherman's Catch and Eats It in Front of Him

This crocodile ruined the fishermen's day.

There is no better feeling in fishing when you hook into a truly giant fish. Your heart races as the line pulls taut and the fish makes multiple runs peeling line in the process. Your mind may race. Do you put extra pressure on the fish, or let it run? Should you loosen the drag or tighten it? Battling a truly big fish is an adrenaline rush matched by few other activities.

Now, just imagine a little bit of extra pressure from your fishing buddy who is cheering you on and filming the whole thing. And while you are battling this big fish, a nearby lurking crocodile also happens to take notice in the struggle on the end of your line.

This is exactly what the angler in today's video must contend with. Shot in Australia, this guy has obviously hooked into a nice fish. Unfortunately, he is forced to horse it into shore because the crocodile is hot on its trail. Hitting land does not stop the big reptile either. He chases the fisherman's catch right up onto land and then eats it in front of the stunned anglers!

Poor Daniel. That is one of the roughest ways to lose a fish we have ever seen. As painful as this was to watch, at the same time, we cannot help but laugh at the situation a little. The commentary of the cameraman and the pained "Noooo!" screams from both men as the big reptile swallowed up that fish up were the icing on the cake.

We suppose the lesson here is to be extremely careful and reel quickly when fishing in crocodile-infested waters. It makes us wonder how many easy meals this crocodile has stolen in this fashion from other fishermen and women?

There was nothing these guys could have done to change this outcome. They never could have known the crocodile would be that determined to try and get a free meal. Once the fish was in the croc's jaws, it was all over. Because no sane person is going to fight a crocodile of that size over a fish!

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