Lions vs Crocodile
YouTube: Kai Banks

Lone Crocodile Fights Three Lions in Ultimate Handicap Match

Crocodile finds himself in a handicap match against three lions.

Everyone knows that old saying: "curiosity killed the cat." Well, it seems the three lions in today's video didn't get that memo. Lions and crocodiles don't usually interact that much because the crocs spend most of their time in water and the lions on land. However, anything can happen in Africa and some tourists were treated to a rare sight when three lions decide to attack a rather large croc.

The crocodile isn't having any of this and fights back in spectacular fashion. Fortunately for us, some tourists were standing nearby and managed to catch it on video.

It's brief, but what we get is a wild gnashing of teeth, claws, hair and scales.

This footage was shot in Samburu National Reserve in Kenya back in 2014. The video's uploader, Kai Banks, says in the description that their guide was as surprised as they were that the lions decided to attack the large reptile. He also states they didn't capture the second fight on video simply because they were not prepared to shoot video on this trip. They decided to capture some footage only when they realized they were about to witness a rare sight.

We're glad they captured the footage they did. It's not often one gets to see a fight like this. At the end of the video, he states that the crocodile was crippled in the encounter while the lions sustained no injuries. Crocodiles are tough creatures, so we doubt that put the big reptile down for the count.

Few animals could have faced a three-on-one attack from a pride of lions and walked away to live another day. Fortunately for the croc, he was probably just a bit too tough and scaly for the lions' liking. Especially when there was an elephant carcass nearby that wasn't going to fight back.

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