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Burglar Buck Sets Off Alarm, Then Takes a Swim for Good Measure

This burglar buck setting off the alarm was bad enough, but you won't believe where this intruder ends up!

So, you're a gun owner with a sidearm on your hip, you have a full clip and a laser sight, then your house alarm starts going off like crazy.

You'd probably do exactly what this guy did and calmly start a tactical walk through your home. Even though the police would rather have you call them in this situation, this fellow knew what he was doing and didn't need any help.

You won't believe how this one ends:

Unusual Burglar

This guy was startled when his burglar alarm went off as it wasn't your traditional burglar.Credit: David SikesLicensing -

Posted by Wot Da Hell Dat on Sunday, June 11, 2017

He had that red dot on that buck like it was going down, but he did the right thing by keeping his cool.

Once the deer realized it had a way to go, it went! It's always comical to see an animal scrambling for traction on a surface that it's just not used to.

Happily the buck was able to find his way out in the nick of time...only to fall right into the pool! That little buck may have been a six-point, but he had nine lives that day!


Burglar Buck Sets Off Alarm, Then Takes a Swim for Good Measure