10 Ridiculous "Tactical" Myths That You Should Believe... if it's Amateur Hour

Is a "tactical elitist" trying to give you an earful? If you hear one of these 10 myths, consider it open season for calling them out. This isn't amateur hour.

You might already know nutnfancy as a big name in the tactical/shooting world. In this video, he gets real about the top 10 tactical myths that drive him insane and why the "tactical elitists" are wrong. Here's the video along with a few words on how he debunks each of the 10 myths.

1. You MUST attend a tactical shooting course to be a good shooter — actually, not just one course! Make it a lifestyle!

"That's bunk," says nutnfancy. "I have received government training throughout the years, but they're not really a tactical warfighting course... they kinda suck, actually."

2. All your gear MUST be Fallujah-ready. You better have shot 10,000 rounds out of that gun!

There's nothing wrong with practice, but being realistic is just as important. 

3. The only way to shoot a gun is "this way" (insert this year's trend).

This is where "the disciples" of various YouTubers look ridiculous by caring less about hitting steel (or bad guys) and more about looking cool while they're doing it.

"Those who are wise will stick with what works for them," says nutnfancy. "Who cares if it's signed off by such-and-such instructor?"

4. If you're really in the know, a stock gun won't work for you.

Sure, this doesn't mean there's never any point in spending money after market. But you sure as hell don't need to spend $3,000 on a Glock 19 to get up to speed.

"If a guy says, hey, it turns me on, it's a collectible, I'm gonna pass it on to my kids... great!" says nutnfancy. 

"But don't say 'because I've sunk 4k into a pistol I'm a better shooter, and I'm so top-tier that the stock out-of-the-box system doesn't work for me. That's BS, especially now, when most of the guns out there now are so good!"

5. Tattoos make you more tactical / Tattoos make you a real warfighter.

...seriously? These people have got to be kidding.

6. You constantly need to upgrade your weaponry.

Close to the truth: maintain and care for what you have, and it'll serve your grandkids.

7. You MUST advertise your badassedness to the world!

If you're advertising yourself as a "major-league door kicker" in Applebee's, you just might need to relax.

8. Camo makes you a badass.

top 10 tactical myths

You're going to need more than a fashion statement.

9. You can be a tactical expert through virtual reality experience.

"Okay, get out and live life! Practice what you learn," says nutnfancy.

10. If you're not credentialed (that is, a credentialed warfighter), you're worthless and no one should listen to you.

"This one is everywhere nowadays," says nutnfancy, but "some of the best shooters in the world are 100% civilian! It doesn't take a certain resume to do that; it takes practice, practice, practice."

"The bottom line is, what impresses me are results. You're not gonna impress me with tattoos, attitude, this or that — I think a lot of people are just tacticaled-out."

Got an aggravating myth that didn't make the list? Tell us how it is.