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The Glock 19 Has Your Name On It

If a compact handgun is what you’re eyeing, consider the leader of the pack, a Glock 19.

Smaller dimensions, reliable components and a trustworthy name behind it makes the Glock 19 a standout firearm.

The Glock 19 is the company’s 9x19mm pistol, which has earned acclaim as a useful handgun in both the private and the public sectors. Whether needed as a conventional service pistol, a personal concealed carry weapon or a reliable backup weapon, it’s becoming one of the more recognizable guns in the compact category.

First introduced in 1988, the Glock 19 caught the eye of law enforcement and military groups, many of which made it their go-to weapon. From the Australian Federal Police to the Military of Yemen to the US Drug Enforcement Agency, Glock 19s are the handgun of choice.

The polymer frame of the Glock 19 is part of the company’s revolutionary developments, which have led to a gun that’s more impact-resistant and durable, while decreasing weight overall. Polymer is actually stronger than most metals, is not affected by temperature, and doesn’t need to be cleaned or oiled nearly as much as a conventional material.

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Not famous for its looks, as it has a minimalist approach to design, the Glock 19 makes up for it with capability. Key features include a standard 15-round magazine capacity and hexagonal barrel rifling (for a better gas seal and higher velocity). Add to that the “Safe Action” system that Glock employs with all their handguns, and it becomes about as close to accidental misfire-proof as you can get. Three independent, automatic safeties back each other up and reengage after the trigger is released.

That makes for a smooth trigger pull that’s identical each and every time, which leads to speed and accuracy. Some have compared the Glock 19 to a lawnmower, in that it doesn’t need to be cleaned or maintained as much as other firearms, and can be expected to deliver the same results as if it were.

Glock barrels are created using a cold-hammered forging technique, which instills uniform consistency and precision.

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In 2010 Glock introduced the Glock 19 Gen4, with a Modular Back Strap design that allows for grip customization. This creates an ideal situation for beginner shooters, who may require more control and an easier grip for smaller hands.

A dual recoil spring assembly gives it a lasting durability that beats older models to the ground. Weighing in at 23.65 ounces unloaded, the Gen4 Glock 19 has a slightly shortened length from its predecessor.

If you’re considering a compact handgun that can be counted on, add the Glock 19 to your wish list and do some comparisons. Odds are the light weight, versatility and reliability will win out over other choices.

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The Glock 19 Has Your Name On It