Los Angeles River
YouTube: Munchies

Meet the Angler Who Loves to Fish and Eat Carp from the L.A. River

Meet the man who eats carp from the Los Angeles River.

When many fly fishermen think of their ideal destination, most are probably thinking of someplace wild and untouched away from people. Many people think of the pristine waters of places like Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Alaska as the best place to wet a line for a variety of trout species.

Then there is Lino Jubilado, a school nurse in Los Angeles, California. In his spare time, his getaway destination is the L.A. River. Yes, you read that correctly, the Los Angeles River, arguably one of the most polluted and dirty rivers currently in the United States.

In this profile from Vice's "Munchies" series, Lino heads to the river with his fly fishing gear in hand to fish for carp. And then, he does the unthinkable, he fillets and eats one of them! It's an angler profile you must see to believe.

This video left our jaws on the floor. The carp eating rats? Having to dodge broken, discarded shopping carts to land your fish? This is all before when he filleted up that carp on trash bags and a broken, floating fridge he found floating in the river! He's a braver man than us for eating that fish!

The shame of it all is that the LA River used to hold chinook salmon and rainbow trout. Unfortunately, when the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers decided to make the river bottom and sides concrete, this led to both species being wiped out there. Then pollution finished off most angler interest in the waters today. Only the hardier species like carp, bluegill and bass are still found there today.

Lino is truly one of a kind, but you know what, we love this guy's enthusiasm for angling and the river he grew up fishing. We'd go fishing with this guy any time, although we'd prefer a cleaner river! We wish the L.A. wasn't so polluted for him. We'll give him this, his favorite fishing hole has practically no competition! Maybe that's the way he likes it?

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