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12-Year-Old Makes Stunning 1,376-Yard Shot on Big Bull Elk

Long Range Hunting
YouTube: Gunwerks

Watch this 12-year-old make a sniper-worthy shot.

Long-range shooting is all the rage these days with hunters reaching out to drop big game animals at distances that only snipers with military-trained shooting skills could achieve. If you need further proof of that, look no further than this video of 12-year-old Danner Davidson hunting in Wyoming.

His group spots a nice bull elk far in the distance. In fact, the rangefinder say it is a 1,376 yard shot. Yes, you read that correctly! Danner is using a Gunwerks hunting rifle chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum and with a little coaching, dials in this extreme long range shot to make a kill.

This turns out to be a crazy hunting trip and a story we might not have believed had they not taken video of this little long range hunter to prove it. Watch it all unfold in the video below.

Danner's first shot did not appear to connect here. However, the miss didn't matter at such a longer range. The bull probably couldn't pinpoint where the shot was coming from. Obviously, this was an extreme scenario where his mentors felt weather conditions and field conditions were perfect to allow for such a shot. If the kid has already practiced at these distances and knows how to compensate for the windage and bullet drop, we're all for it. The shot clearly hit the kill zone and the bull did not go far at all.

Obviously, to make shots like this, you need a lot of range time, some understanding of ballistic coefficient and a quality riflescope with high magnification. There is some question on ethics with longer shots like this, but this video proves it can be done. A good bipod or a set of shooting sticks is an obvious must to increase your effective range to extreme distances like this. A quality, long range round like .300 Winchester Magnum, 6.5 Creedmoor or PRC may be preferable.

Long range hunting in many ways is like bowhunting, just at an opposite extreme in skills and discipline. Both practices take an extreme amount of skill, a lot of time flinging arrows or burning ammo at the range, and incredible patience. Might be a good idea to get into reloading to save some money. Obviously, this style of hunting is not for everyone, but if you have the know how and the skills, it can work.




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12-Year-Old Makes Stunning 1,376-Yard Shot on Big Bull Elk