Do You Really Need a Custom Long Range Rifle?

Shooting at long range takes skill, but do you really need a custom long range rifle to get the job done?

A custom long range rifle will set you back several thousand dollars. The folks at decided to see if those dollars would be better spent on an out of state tag.

Watch the video to see what they learned about how custom guns stack up against production guns.

Clearly, custom long range rifles are not necessary to make shots at long range. The money spent on a custom gun would be better spent on ammunition so that the shooter could practice more and more often.

By mastering breath control, trigger squeeze, and the act of creating a solid shooting platform, shooters can confidently take shots out to 400 yards. After that, wind doping and bullet drop compensation adds another element to the shot. However, when shots are missed at long range, it's usually the fault of the "Indian" not the "arrow." Time at the range and an understanding of your gun's ballistics is more important than how much your pea-shooter cost.

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