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'Into Thin Air' Shows the Ups and Downs of a Backcountry Muley Hunt

If you like hunting velvet muley bucks, you'll love 'Into Thin Air.' It will also make anyone who hasn't hunted the West want to try it. 

'Into Thin Air' follows a pair of hunters deep into the Colorado high country. The hunters reach altitudes up to 12,000 feet in pursuit of some giant backcountry bucks. They experience both highs and lows along the way into thin air.

Watch the video to see some serious glassing and stalking stills in action.

Man, those guys love their ProBars.

Leaving a mortally wounded animal in the woods is always a heartbreaker. Obviously, these guys didn't take the decision lightly and did all they could to recover the animal.

We all strive to make ethical kills through accurate shooting, but field conditions and nerves can change the plan. After the shot, watch the animal for as long as possible, mark his position, and mentally replay the shot. You should have a pretty good idea of where the animal was hit. Then you can use that information to make the decision on when to start tracking.

'Into Thin Air' is an excellent representation of hunting and outdoorsmanship. The fact that the film ends without a shot of velvet antlers doesn't take away from the hunt. When things don't work out for us as hunters, all we can do is keep trying-- start all over from a clean slate.


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'Into Thin Air' Shows the Ups and Downs of a Backcountry Muley Hunt