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Check Out This Collection of Awesome Long Range Kill Shots

long-range kill shots

These long range kill shots will get you fired up for fall hunting seasons.

John Porter and the other folks at Morning Creek Outfitters know a thing a two about making long range shots. By using specialized rifles and rifle scopes, they put their clients on trophy animals that are unalarmed, making for some excellent shot presentations.

Watch the video to see some of the awesome long range kill shots that were featured on the television show “Best of the West.”

Long range hunting is a controversial topic. Certainly, shots should never be taken beyond your effective range. “Hoping” to hit an animal is not something hunters should be doing in the field.

However, technological advances in laser rangefinders, rifles and cartridges, and riflescopes have made it possible for skilled marksmen to confidently take game out to 1,000 yards. The key is putting in the range time to know what you and your weapon are capable of, then sticking to your sure kill range in the field.

Get out and get practicing, and you could make some long range kill shots of your own.

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Check Out This Collection of Awesome Long Range Kill Shots