You Need To See This Guy Make A First Round Hit At A Mile With A Gunwerks Rifle

Guy Makes a First-Round Hit at a Mile With a Gunwerks Rifle

Some say that a mile is the new 1,000 yards, but making a first round hit at a mile is still an incredible accomplishment. Well, this guy makes it look easy.

Shooters these days have access to much better rifles, scopes, bullets, and accessories like ballistic calculators than ever before. These advances in technology allow shooters to hit targets at ranges previously thought to be unthinkable.

However, as we've seen before, making a first round hit at long range is really tough regardless of the skill of the shooter or the quality of the rifle.

Even if you're not trying to set a world record, those same technological advances still translate into incredible capabilities for hunters and shooters.

For instance, Gunwerks makes outstanding custom rifles specifically designed for long range shooting.

In the video below, Chris Hinojosa from Gunwerks shows off the capabilities of a Gunwerks Magnus in 300 PRC by attempting a shot at a target 1 mile away in the rain. Watch it and see how things turned out.

According to Chris, he was using a 225 grain Hornady ELD-M bullet pushed at about 2,775 feet per second. With a G1 ballistic coefficient of .777, that's one of the heaviest and most aerodynamic .30 caliber bullets currently in production.

For comparison, his rifle chambered in 300 PRC was pushing that 225 grain bullet about as fast as the 6.5 Creedmoor shoots a 143 grain bullet!

Not surprisingly, the results are impressive and Chris made that first round hit at a mile (in the rain no less) look really easy. That doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea to take a shot on an animal at extended range, but it certainly looks like Chris and his rifle have all the reach they'll ever need on a hunt!

Nice work!

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