A Little Girl Snuggling With a Baby Chick Is the Sweetest Thing You'll Watch All Day

Nothing elicits "awws" quite like baby animals. No matter what species they are, if it's a baby, it will make your heart swell. Puppies are adorable and goofy, while kittens are playful and rambunctious. And don't even get us started on bunnies! While household pets get a lot of attention, some of our barnyard friends are just as cute. People are obsessed with mini pigs, everyone loves tiny goats, and gangly foals are so fun to watch. And, then of course, there are our feathered friends.

The adorable fluff you see on baby chickens only stays around for so long, but the little hatchlings stay small for longer than you might think. If properly socialized, chicks can even be held and snuggled. Families who have backyard chickens are familiar with just how affectionate and friendly these sweet animals can be. A new viral video of a little girl holding a baby chicken is proof. In the short clip, the toddler is holding the chick as if it's any other pet. (Warning: Their interaction is almost too cute!)


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In the video posted on @mamasoli_go on Instagram, the girl holds her little chick in the backyard and even inside the house, gently bestowing kisses, pats, and cuddles.

"She spreads all the love to her baby chicks," her mom, Soli, captioned the post. "Every morning she gets ready to go outside, with the same excitement as the first day." Soli explained that the folks at the pet store said not to let her daughter hold the baby animal because she might hurt it—but, as she pointed out, "toddlers are learners." It's clear that this little girl learned how to be gentle very quickly! Kids sometimes understand the fragility of life more than adults do, and they learn to treat beings that need some extra care with all the gentleness their little souls can muster.

While snuggling your backyard chickens may seem like a bad idea, it is actually fairly safe from pecking and scratching standpoint. However, your backyard flock can carry diseases, which is something every hen owner should be aware of. So, keep cuddling—with caution!

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