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One-Eyed Mare Defies Odds to Give Birth to Twin Foals

A set of rare twin foals was born! We wrote an update earlier this year about another set of twins that are now adults and beautiful! It's one of our favorite stories. When we heard about this recent birth we wanted to share the news and pictures with readers.

Check this out. ABC Great Southern News highlighted some key points about this birth as it's VERY rare when twin foals are born. The mare had birth at Spurrs Stud at Wagin in Western Australia's Wheatbelt. 

The Spurrs Stud horse owner was "stunned" when the mare gave birth to twins! They decided not to have her assessed during pregnancy so they weren't expecting twins. With that in mind, the chances of twin foals being born alive are considered one in 10,000. 

According to an expert vet interviewed for the story, Katanning Regional Veterinary Hospital owner John Maxwell has been practicing as an equine vet for more than 50 years and said he had never seen the successful delivery of twin foals that go on to survive.

"Dr. Maxwell said even in the unlikely event that twin foals were conceived, it was customary to destroy one of the fetuses or abort the pregnancy because of the extreme mortality risks involved."

This photo is from September 13.

There is a recent photo and Facebook post about donations so donate if you can and as far as milk replacement products for foals we have a favorite. Check out this product on Amazon. The care for these foals is getting expensive!

These foals require a lot of care! They were born much smaller than the average foal. And remember that the mare is missing one eye.

"Adding to the difficulties, mother Pearl is missing an eye — the legacy of an accident when she was a yearling. It means Mr. Spurr and his farmhand Nicole Kumpfmueller have had to provide round-the-clock care to ensure Pearl does not accidentally tread on the foals."

So these folks cannot really leave and go anywhere as they need to stick to their routine.

We're so happy the twin foals lived and we hope they survive the tough weeks ahead of them. Thank goodness an experienced equine vet was close by so they could be seen immediately following the birth. Since the chances of both surviving were so low to begin with it's a miracle these two are doing fine and thanks to the farmhand and owner they just want to give these two a chance!

It appears they may not end up being racehorses but the owner said they're born from good stock so who knows what their fate will be. They've already beat extraordinary odds!

Have you ever known a horse to give birth to twins? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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