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7-Year-Old Kansas Boy Dies In Horse-Riding Accident

Grab Kleenex as this is a very sad story and a huge loss for a community in Kansas and a local family.

A horse accident resulted in the death of a young boy, Max. The small horse he was riding flipped him over and he passed away from his injuries after emergency surgery. This second-grader was involved in rodeo activities with his family.

This is from his obit.

"Max was witty, outgoing, loving, and tough as nails, right up to his walk with the Lord on September 15, 2019. He told his mom many times "he wanted to be 7 forever". He may have known something we didn't. While he will be fiercely missed, his family challenges all who knew him to not honor him with sadness, but please, honor him with joy, love, faith, and laughter."

The family also released a heart-breaking statement. 

"We know a lot of people loved our boy, so we want to let you know how God chose to bring him home. We were at home roping the calf sled. His pony flipped over on him. He got up a ran away about 20 feet and went down. We got to him and he said he couldn't breathe. We rushed him WNMH where they stabilized him and the transported him to Wesley. They saw a slight bleed and some minor internal injuries. They soon realized his Vena Cava was severed. A team of doctors worked their tails off, but it wasn't meant to be. He came out of surgery but left this earth soon after."


The family and community are in our thoughts. As stated in the family's statement we will share this to celebrate Max Henderson's life and love of horses. The family said they wouldn't spend the "rest of our earthly days" with sad days but with happy times.

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